Teamchat Android SDK

Bug Fixes
Version 2.4
  • Last used email or Phone is carried fwd to the main login page, if user clicks Login without any input
  • Incorrect page is displayed when user inputs login information clicks next and clicks back button.
  • Add filter facility shows different rooms than that of show rooms options.
  • Phone option should be removed from update profile facility.
  • Login with OTP facility does not work with Phone number as input works with email.
  • Question marks are displayed in Push Notifications in languages other than English.
Version 2.3
  • WebView does not support Whatsapp sharing URL
  • Load More link on Replies details page is not working
  • Load Earlier’ link is not working on Comments details page
Version 2.2
  • Image sent by one client not getting downloaded in other client, opens blank image.
  • Group icon is displayed as blank when opened from group info.
  • User is not able to download images from conversation.
  • Navigation header should be in green color – currently it is shown in black (on production it is green)
  • Updating profile with only Profile name removes the already saved number from the profile.
  • Invalid number gets successfully updated through Update Profile option, gives error in Show profile later.
  • Select field not supported in form compose screen.
  • Input field marked as non-mandatory in json, still app prompts to enter data while submitting for with null.
  • The location field’s reply json of Android App doesn’t have the ‘location’ key.
  • Verification failed message appears in a specific case, when user enters API key and ID and clicks on Verify.
  • App doesn’t fetch old messages and rooms after upgrade.