Integrate Teamchat with existing backend systems using web-based Server APIs. Data can flow seamlessly between Teamchat and backend systems. Make Teamchat the easy-to-use mobile front-end for your back-end tools. Leverage your investments in existing tools.


Build custom workflows and rule-engines using Teamchat APIs. Trigger or handle events based on user inputs in Teamchat. Setup multi-step and advanced workflows. Teamchat is designed to be easily configurable. Rule-engine and chatlets enable you to virtually make your own custom messenger.


Teamchat can be embedded into your existing app using Client APIs. Leverage Teamchat to quickly enable messaging in your existing apps. Get access to granular elements in Teamchat so you can flexibly fit them into your app.


Make workflows “friendly” for your users by setting them up as a bot. Users can invite bots into a chatroom and access the workflows programmed in the bot. Chatting with friendly bots has never been so easy, productive and fun.


Share your workflows with other developers, or use theirs to build yours. Re-using shared bots is instant and easy – just invite them to your chatroom. If a developer has published workflows, you can use their to build your own. See our knowledge base of case studies and code.


Given the copious amounts of user data coming in through a messenger, you can use Teamchat APIs to access all of it and analyze it per your custom requirements. Teamchat provides some standard reports, plus you can create your own by pulling in all the data in real-time.

Client SDK : Integrate Teamchat with your existing app

Mobile APIs : Integrate Teamchat in your APP

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