The smart mobile messenger

- Supports large teams

- Customizable to your workflows

- Reduces message clutter

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The Teamchat messaging platform enables clutter-free messaging for teams of unlimited size
It has smart-messages called ‘Chatlets’ that summarize responses, enabling important message content to stand out. Teamchat adapts to any business workflow quickly and easily using Teamchat APIs. Organizations can make use of the ready set of integrations available on Teamchat or plug in their own custom integrations and get started.

Whole Org connected

The messaging app designed to make business teams more efficient and productive with its innovative chatlets technology.

Improved teamwork

Customize in-message forms to your business and team requirements. Adapt the app to your workflow than the other way round.

Instant insights

Do you find other messaging apps noisy? Chatlets reduce the number of messages in the stream, making the important messages standout.

Universal frontend

Available on all leading platforms, web or mobile. Access from anywhere, anytime, all you need is a net connection.

Cost effective

Teamchat is free and comes bundled up with lots of pre programmed chatlets. Customize the chatlets to suit your organization or create your own for a very small fee.

Works on all devices

The web interface is responsive  and accessible from all leading devices and screen sizes. Apps for leading mobiles give users an enhanced experience.

Why us?

Incredibly smart! Incredibly easy! Free to get started.

Any device, anywhere

Full Browser Support

Nothing to download or install

Full Mobile Access

Apps available for IOS and Android

Works for all businesses

  • Any size

    Be it big or small, Teamchat scales up to accomodate teams of large sizes. Our Smart Messages summarize responses from large number of participants, making conversations more meaningful.

  • Any Industry

    Financial Services | Retail | Consumer Goods | Telecom | Hospitality …
    Teamchat’s customizable smart messages makes it adaptable to your domain, possibilities are endless

  • Any Function

    Teamchat is usable by your entire organization.  Be it Engineering | Sales | Service | HR | Admin | Finance or Corporate communications, Teamchat fits right into your workflow to make inter team communications better and faster.

Connect with Teamchat to know how it can benefit your business

Frequently asked questions

What’s so smart about Teamchat?

Teamchat aims to put users first. It adapts to your workflow fitting right into your existing processes with minimal changes. Our chatlets summarize responses from your group members giving instant insights and accountability while reducing clutter.

How does it summarize messages?

Business chats are often opinions collected in form of polls and Q/A. Teamchat’s chatlets collate responses to different questions together in the same discussion and present an accountable summary with complete details of responders and their opinions.

How do I export my Teamchat data?

Each organization in Teamchat has an Admin. The admin can view and export data of any of internal groups from the Teamchat Web Interface.

How large a team does it support?

We’ve tested teamchat with teams of hundreds of users. Since responses to chatlets are summarized, there is virtually no limit to number of members in a team. We’d love you to try and break it.

Can I customize it for my workflow?

Sure. We ship Teamchat with pre-configured chatlets to suit common business functions. New chatlets are added weekly. You can further customize the chatlets using our simple SDK, or give us a shout, we’re ready to help you out.

How can I manage users in my organization?

Just logon to our web interface with your organization’s admin account, and you’ll get a complete bird’s eye-view of all the members and discussions happening in amongst your users. Admin accounts are enabled with management, backup and export options.

What are chatlets?

Teamchat comes with administrative control

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