Are You Making These 10 Business Communication Mistakes?

Communication is one of the core procedures in an organization as it facilitates the exchange of ideas, information and important messages. Unfortunately, there are many important aspects which businesses tend to overlook. As a result, communication is disturbed and misunderstandings lead to lowered productivity and numerous mistakes. To spare your team from these issues, take a quick look at the 10 communication mistakes managers and employees make and avoid them.

  1. Top Down Messaging – Managers who control communication by insisting on top-down messaging can slow down the inter-team communication, reducing overall productivity.
  2. Too Verbose – Using too many words can be tedious for your reader. For instance, if you only need an approval, sending a long email listing innumerable details will waste your time and others’. So opt for a simpler, shorter message instead.
  3. Failing to Praise – By not praising your team members, especially in public, they won’t know how much you appreciate them. As a result, you’re risking their self-esteem and productivity.
  4. Not Responding – If you were sent a request or received a question, ignoring it is a mistake since no answer is also considered an answer. So instead of being ride, answer with a ‘no’ and justify your stance with a short explanation if necessary.
  5. Delayed Communication – Companies tend to delay communication, allowing the gossip mill to start and spread rumors. Therefore, you should keep everyone posted in real time to ensure efficiency and keep the production wheel turning.
  6. Relying on Conventional Methods – With millennials stepping into the workforce, it’s a mistake to rely on conventional communication methods. This is especially true with the arrival of mobile devices and the dawn of the Bring Your Own Device era.
  7. Over-Use of Meetings – Conducting meetings all the time may not be time efficient, especially if you need opinions or feedback on a project. Thanks to today’s technology, you can avoid wasting precious minutes on unnecessary meetings and get the information you want.
  8. Lack of Dialog – Communication is a two-way stream. Therefore, limiting communication to one way is bound to cause a gap and misunderstandings.
  9. Choosing Formal/Informal Language – Writing too formally or informally can make corporate communications complicated and prevent employees from reading them. So sprinkle human elements in your communication.
  10. Using a One Size Fits All – Using the same communication method and approach with all causes managers to overlook different expectations, needs and personalities. So consider everyone while communicating, especially when using acronyms.

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