Attendance Monitoring- Quick, Easy and Realtime!

Many companies across the world are now looking at positioning themselves as a flexible and employee friendly work place. On the other hand there are companies that want to make sure there is enough collaborative time spent in the office. In both the cases, an attendance monitoring system is inevitable.


But the traditional attendance monitoring method is outdated, labor-intensive and not user-friendly.

Let’s take a case of this company which traditionally used a muster log to monitor attendance went crazy as it grew. The manual method started getting erroneous and called for a lot of unwanted effort. An accountably high amount of executive time went in this very unproductive activity. The HR team then decided to explore automated options.

They evaluated Biometrics, NFCs, dedicated attendance monitoring apps and everything else in the market. Everything seemed to be expensive, redundant or error-prone. They also gave Teamchat a try during the same time and were quite impressed with it.

Let us see why this company switched to Teamchat for attendance monitoring and how it changed the way they tracked employee attendance.


How Was Teamchat Deployed?

On receiving this HR team’s request, the Teamchat team did the following-

  • The Teamchat solutions team created an Attendance Monitoring Bot (AMS Bot) for this company.
  • Android phones with Teamchat were installed at the reception desk of the company’s various offices.
  • All employees were distributed NFC identity cards (NFC cards are available at less than a dollar).
  • Every employee had to take their NFC Identity card close to the phone on entering or leaving the premises.
  • Teamchat captured the details of the card and sent these downloadable log in/ log out details to the HRD in a separate chat room.
  • It also notified the user about the same which helped the employee keep a tab of his/her attendance and logs.
  • The AMS bot also reminded the employee to send a ‘late come-in’ or ‘leave’ notification to the HR and teammates. The employee just needed to reply to this reminder and a notification was sent to the HRD and the team


Benefits of Teamchat’s Attendance Monitoring System-

This mechanism dramatically improved the attendance tracking happening in the company. There was a marked reduction in HR’s time, effort and money put in to attendance tracking. They found that this system is highly transparent and error-proof.

From the employees’ perspective, this method was very easy to use and convenient as it gave a record to them of their own logs.

After the success of this style of attendance monitoring on Teamchat, the same HR team has now moved to Teamchat even for making announcements, updates, engaging with employees or take their feedback.

Facing similar issues in your organization? Learn how to monitor attendance and engage employees through Teamchat.

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