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Audience Management

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- Create noise-free groups of large size
- Take Action Now with Real-Time Responses
- Become Productive by Improving the Flow of Data

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Realtime Alerts

Whether an organization is spread across a city or the globe, Teamchat enables faster sharing of information with all members at the same time. Real-time alerts and push notifications enable quick responses and approvals.

Data Lookup

Circulation of updated information in large teams is challenging. The Teamchat messaging platform enables communication with machines, so you just throw a data lookup command and the machine fetches the updated information from your systems in the form of a simple message.

Instant Data Capture

Large teams means large amount of data. Capturing this data as fast as possible helps in making quicker decisions and taking required action imediately.Teamchat app comes with this capability- instant data can be captured in the form of simple smart messages, whenever, wherever the employee is.

Attendance Management

Track attendance and working hours with just a few clicks on Teamchat. It can connect you with employees on the field and across different branches. Use it standalone or integrate with your existing attendance monitoring system, be it a bio-metric monitor or an NFC card reader.

Announcements & Updates

For large organizations spread across geographies, Teamchat fills the gap between managers and teams. Whether you need to make a public announcement or give an update, this app guarantees the possibility of two-way communication anytime, anywhere.

Data Download

Organisations get complete access to all the data exchanged within their org thru Teamchat. Org admins can easily download all this data of smart messages in the form of excel sheets from the admin panel and make faster decisions.

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