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- Become Productive by Improving the Flow of Data
- Create noise-free groups of large size
- Take Action Now with Real-Time Responses

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Highly Customizable

Teamchat is very flexible. It can be adapted to your business requirements in many ways. Teamchat offers configurable chatlets, group-specific chatlets, server-side API and client-side SDK. Using these, you can essentially build your own customized app on top of Teamchat.

Less Clutter

Regular chat apps tend to grow noisy as the number of participants increases. Teamchat app uses chatlets, which summarizes a chat and makes your conversations structured. This means less clutter and focused chat. Now that’s sure to enhance productivity.

Instant Data Capture

Large teams means large amount of data. Capturing this data as fast as possible helps in making quicker decisions and taking required action imediately.Teamchat app comes with this capability- instant data can be captured in the form of simple smart messages, whenever, wherever the employee is.

Data Security

When it comes to organizations, data security holds ultimate priority. Teamchat takes care of data with SSL3 code based encryption. So the work keeps going thru Teamchat, without the companies having to worry about security of their data.

Realtime Alerts

Whether an organization is spread across a city or the globe, Teamchat enables faster sharing of information with all members at the same time. Real-time alerts and push notifications enable quick responses and approvals.

Dedicated Account Managers

Businesses can be spread across geographies, where some employees work from home, some away from the cubicle or some always on the field. Teamchat is a mobile app that helps you connect all the people who make up your company so that work never stops.

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