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Boost Productivity with Enterprise Messaging

For years, businesses have relied on consumer messaging platforms in the workplace. Even in the days of AOL Instant Messenger and ICQ, interoffice communication was made easier by having access to these platforms. The problem was that they were often unreliable and almost always posed security risks.

In today’s mobile world, a whole new generation of secure, reliable messaging apps has sprung up to meet the demands of a faster-than-ever workplace. These new enterprise messaging applications address a number of issues resident with most older (and many modern) messaging platforms. Here are just a few.

Processing and Messaging Time

The real-time communication capability of enterprise messaging apps allows users to quickly address and solve problems. This leads to a more streamlined and efficient workplace. The customer experience is also enhanced by the increase of productivity afforded by these applications.

Faster messaging capability means sharing data and ideas is also faster and easier with enterprise messaging. The average enterprise messaging application can shave 2-5 seconds of handling time from each received message. The larger the organization, the more noticeable the increases in speed and efficiency will be.

Reduction in Email Volume

Since enterprise messaging applications are dedicated channels of internal communication in your workplace, there is a decreased need for the use of email for interoffice messaging. The increase in productivity can be as much as an hour every month when employees are not busy managing email.

Reduction in Meeting Time

Enterprise messaging is a powerful communications tool for real-time conversation and discussion. Topics that used to require calling a meeting can often be solved more directly, and the need for face-to-face communication is significantly decreased. Reducing meeting time increases productivity, leading to a more streamlined organization.

Happy Employees

Enterprise messaging is fast, reliable, and easy to use. This has a positive impact on the operational efficiency of your employees, which in turn leads to having a happier, more productive team. When your employees are satisfied, their productivity skyrockets.

Can something as simple as a mobile application really have this kind of impact on your business? Studies have shown that it can and it does. If you would like to learn more about how you can use enterprise messaging to increase productivity in your workplace, contact us for more information today.


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