Messaging Bot


noun: 1. a program that can send and receive
messages to/from other users and bots

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A Bot is just another user on Teamchat. You can invite a Bot to a group and command it to post messages with the help of keywords. These Bots can read and write messages and conduct complicated workflows for you. Bots are “people” too, in a way.
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Each Bot implements its own logic. It can connect, do workflows, track, monitor, report, chat, chartify your data, alert, remind and much more for you. And that’s not all. They can even help you communicate with various IoT devices and web services.
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Combining Bots & smart message opens up a world of possibilities. Some messages give Bots a rich vocabulary to communicate with their human or Bot friends. So be it any kind of workflow, Bots can perform it magically with Teamchat’s any smart message.
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You can easily link Bots to message each other and perform actions. You can even chain them together to form more advanced workflows like scheduling a message, watching replies to a message, expiring messages, announcing observations and much more.
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Select from a list of pre-created Bots. Check out our Bot Store . Bots are in the global address book. All you have to do is create a group on Teamchat and add the bot with its ID to this group. Type HELP and the bot will tell you how it can work.
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Developers can make their own Bots easily and code them to do every thing you want. Checkout our Bot SDK for more information and make a bot in few simple steps. Try out one for your own use-case or tweak an existing one to suit your requirement.

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