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- Boost Your Team's Collaboration and Communication
- Completely private - Secure messaging, making Teamchat the smart messaging choice
- Monitor attendance and work hours anywhere

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Less Clutter

Regular chat apps tend to grow noisy as the number of participants increases. Teamchat app uses chatlets, which summarizes a chat and makes your conversations structured. This means less clutter and focused chat. Now that’s sure to enhance productivity.

Instant Insights

Communication lags can cost millions to organisations. Therefore they rely heavily on enterprise chat, the quickest mode of communication out there. Teamchat is one such app that enables you to stay in touch with everyone in your team in real time and thus improve their performance.

Freemium Pricing

Teamchat runs on a freemium model. The android & ios app and web service is free for use. The admin (org level) controls are chargeable. These are special controls that give access to whats happening in your org, manage groups and users and lets you export all this data

Any Function

As most office operations are going mobile in today’s smartphone age, Teamchat app is designed to be flexible to any function. In fact, it can offer even more value by customizing as per the requirements of any business function- sales, HR, finance, admin, servicing or any other.

Any Industry

Team collaboration gets easier with the help of chatlets that can be customized according to your workflow. Whether you’re in retail, medicine, hospitality or banking and insurance, this app will optimize your operations thus reducing the time and effort spent on different tasks.

Any Team Size

Large business teams can be more efficient and productive with the innovative chatlet technology of Teamchat. So regardless of your team’s size, you can communicate effectively and instantly with just a few swipes, without getting overwhelmed by the clutter.

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