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Improved Teamwork

Teamwork gets better and easier with Teamchat as it enables efficient communication among teams of unlimited size, without the clutter. It also enables instant discovery of collective views and automated workflows, enabling teams to collaborate effectively.

Structured Conversations

Teamchat’s innovative smart messages (called ‘chatlets’) are designed to aggregate and summarize information exchanged by team members. As a result, even large teams can have structured organized conversations in noise-free chat rooms.

Instant Aggregated Results

Teamchat makes communication smarter. It reduces large team messaging clutter plus it summarizes and aggregates data in real time. So if it is a poll or a survey or a sales figure report, the results are aggregated making communications so much more quicker and powerful for instant decision making

Large Group Messaging

Teamchat allows you to connect with unlimited team members, unlike most chat apps. This is because of its ability to summarize data from polls, announcements, etc. As a result, you can check the data at your own convenience and continue receiving notifications without the clutter.

Complete Admin Support

Orgs need to have total control over all the communication within the company. Teamchat comes with such org admin level controls that enable admins to manage users and groups and export the data for quick records. Complete support is provided by Teamchat to orgs in doing so.

Data Download

Organisations get complete access to all the data exchanged within their org thru Teamchat. Org admins can easily download all this data of smart messages in the form of excel sheets from the admin panel and make faster decisions.

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