Case Studies

Automotive Portal 


  • An automotive focused ecommerce company needed to effectively co-ordinate its functions.
  • The company had a field force that was responsible for reviewing, inspecting, rating and verifying vehicles before they’re listed for sale.
  • There was lack of proper coordination amongst the pre-sales, sales, relationship management, dealers and road-test teams.
  • The basic chat app used for communication by the groups created a lot of message clutter.
  • Data could not be retrieved easily since it was shared through Google sheets.
  • There was no consistent team coordination leading to poor CRM, thus loss of leads.
  • There was no mechanism to capture information of new dealers or sales through 3rd party services.

Teamchat Solutions:

  • Teamchat was deployed by the company. All the sales representatives as well as the managers downloaded the application. All reporting became centralized on Teamchat, from sales to dealer management. The sourcing team now updates to the relationship management team about the details of the vehicle following a purchase in real-time.


  • It is now possible for the local zonal managers to update dealers’ information through Teamchat.
  • The pre-sales team fills up and forwards details of the leads to the relationship management team instantly.


  • The relationship management team simultaneously redirects leads to the road test team if the user decides to test it.
  • The road test team captures the feedback of the user through a simple feedback form about the test through Teamchat.


  • The relationship manager eventually fills-up the sales conversion report, if the lead gets converted.


  • The relationship manager also gets the final feedback filled by the buyer himself through their own device on Teamchat.


  • Information regarding the status of each lead and sale is made available to all teams in real-time
  • Management of leads has become streamlined leading to quicker conversions.
  • The management has complete control over the organization’s communication and genuine customer feedback, thus avoiding fudged hard copy feedback forms.
  • Instant workflow updates on Teamchat have enabled management to make faster decisions and quick amendments in the process, whenever required.
  • The sales process has been sped up due to real-time action and faster response by all teams

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