Case Studies

Building and Construction


  • This was a large building and construction company
  • There were projects in progress at multiple sites, with thousands of workers at each site
  • The paper-based attendance monitoring used was inefficient. Biometric solution couldn’t work since workers’ hands are often soiled.
  • There was inaccuracy in tracking where each worker was assigned among the various projects, since decisions were made on-the-spot based on dynamic circumstances.
  • Workers were not allowed to carry smart phones or cameras on the site.

Teamchat Solutions:

  • The company deployed an innovative and cost-effective solution using Teamchat along with beacons. Teamchat can trigger messages with its IOT (Internet of Things) adapters that enable IOT sensors. These beacons are small transmitters that use Bluetooth Low Energy to broadcast signals up to a range of 10 meters. When a beacon is within range of a smart device, the smart device can detect the signal and trigger certain actions.

  • Each employee was given a beacon by the construction company, and recorded the unique beacon ID in each employee’s database.
  • No-camera smartphones pre-loaded with Teamchat were docked on site at key locations including the entrance, the exit and each specific work area.
  • When a beacon-carrying employee arrived in proximity to the docked device, Teamchat sent a message in the pre-defined group. Thus, Teamchat captured the location and duration of each employee in real time.

  • Teamchat APIs were used to setup custom rule-engine that implemented the desired workflows. The rule-engine received each message and aggregated it to generate reports.
  • With Teamchat, the company could get accurate information about which employees arrived on time using the generated attendance report. The site report indicated which area of the site the employee worked in throughout the day.

  • Teamchat enabled the site managers to receive these reports in real-time thus staying updated constantly.


The company’s use of Teamchat led to:-

  • Timely and accurate reporting of attendance and progress in work-areas.
  • Timely and accurate payroll processing that enhanced employee satisfaction.
  • Reduced errors hence reduced support calls to the HR team.
  • A realization of cost-effective and robust measures that did not need custom hardware.
  • A quickly and easily deployable solution.
  • The elimination of check-in and check-out queues as employees could walk naturally through entrance and exit paths.
  • Efficient monitoring of resource allocation to specific projects by site managers through data-driven insights.

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