Case Studies

Civic Engagement Club


  • This leisure club was experiencing low member involvement amongst its 100 members.
  • Communication between the leadership and membership was ineffective, would take up too much time, and members felt unheard.
  • Monitoring service hours, location of members, and member input was often ineffective and would take away from time that could be spent on useful interaction.
  • Email communication system did not relay useful information to members and generates chains of emails that detract from original intent of an email.
  • Members were mobile phone centric and often did not use email.

Teamchat Solutions:

  • They implemented Teamchat to adapt to their phone-centric members and created several messaging groups: one for the entire club and several others for individual projects.


  • Sales-specific chatlets were used to monitor service hours for the entire club, reducing the time it would have taken in manual labor to document this information.


  • Location chatlets are used to verify that members have shown up to particular sites.


  • Poll chatlets are used to seek whether certain members enjoy a project or not.



  • The club runs much more efficiently and important information is exchanged between leadership and members much more quickly.
  • Club leaders have ability to relay information without fear of being disturbed.
  • Members feel heard and their opinions become immediately important.
  • Members receive information much more quickly as they get a notification on their mobile devices.

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