Case Studies

Construction Company



Real time Attendance Management Issue:

  • The employees have various jobs to work on including carpentry, machining and plumbing among other jobs. These are mainly blue collar jobs. Greasy hands full of dust and dirt were limiting the use of finger print scanners for attendance.
  • The deployment of employees is in different sites. Work scheduling and pooling for workers is planned and managed through SAP. But there was a need to synchronize the work data across these sites in a seamless manner.
  • Proper records and management required various work details: login and logout time, the job done, the network, activity for each job, the hours taken to complete the job and at what location for a given worker. A consolidated portal was required which captures this data, maintains it, validates and escalates it for approval in a timely fashion. This would automate all the manual work.
  • It was difficult to propose solution architecture without inspecting the site and the environment where deployment has been done and making a thorough assessment with their as-is process and systems,
  • The final data at the end of the month needed to be synchronized with the SAP system for payroll.
  • The client has a tight budget and the entire proposed solution should be feasible and cost effective.

Teamchat Solution:

Attendance Management Solution (AMS)

  • The company deployed Teamchat for Attendance monitoring of their labourers. The resource planning is now done with the input from the client which can be imported as CSV, XML, Web service etc.
  • The main mechanism to take login and logout time details is as follows:
    1. The labourer punches in a NFC card on a phone having our custom app installation. It registers the punch in/out and takes a picture using an in-built camera.
    2. NB: The idea of NFC enabled Samsung phones is welcome
    3. The client exports data of attendance and timing either on demand or at the end of the month. For any discrepancy, we automate an approval flow with the area/project manager who is using Teamchat.


The resource planning and deployment company has now become very easy with-

  • Real time attendance management
  • Automation of processes reduced operational overheads
  • Improved HR process compliance, especially for casual workers
  • Improved efficiency through dramatic reduction and elimination of paperwork

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