Case Studies

Customer Support via Twitter


  • A well established ecommerce brand had a fan following of millions on Twitter
  • As their followers grew, their support team found it increasingly time-consuming to engage with its followers, to chat with each customer until they defined the exact issue and then propose a solution
  • They wanted an automated system that worked on a third party channel like Twitter to engage those followers who asked for help and manage a problem-solution dialog

Teamchat Solutions:

  • Gupshup created a customer support bot on Twitter for the brand which was promoted by the brand along with its other customer support coordinates.
  • This bot is just like any other user on Twitter and is able to have automated conversations with any user who sends a direct message.
    E very follower who enters an inquiry or complaint on Twitter through a direct message instantly receives an automated message on Twitter with a link to a survey.
  • The link opens up a smart message in the user’s browser and displays a list of most-likely concerns.


  • Once a user chooses an issue – for example, issue with the delivery of a package, she gets targeted, automated responses asking for specifics about the issue.


  • Once all specifics are captured, the customer support team takes over and then starts manual conversation with the user leading him to a resolution.



  • The Gupshup customer support bot for Twitter has allowed the ecommerce brand’s support team to communicate with its followers easily and conveniently
  • The tedious process of evaluating and solving individual problems has been replaced by a faster, smarter and more consistent alternative
  • The company’s faster response time and improved inquiry satisfaction rate has brought the ecommerce brand greater customer retention

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