Case Studies

Customer Survey on SMS/Email


  • To service its clientele better, a large mobile telecommunications company wanted an efficient way to survey customer satisfaction with their products and services.
  • They tried to communicate with their customers through both SMS and personal call but the response rate was low and delayed since even basic SMS inquiries required customers to type in long replies and personal calls required either engaging an outside firm or adding an expensive service center and additional personnel.
  • The management couldn’t get the real-time feedback they needed in order to recognize and proactively address customer concerns. Nor could they stay ahead of market trends.
  • Management’s perceived lack of responsiveness to customer requests led to reduced customer retention. Their sluggish responses to market demands were hurting the company’s ability to attract new customers.

Teamchat Solutions:

  • Teamchat’s RooML (Webaroo Markup Language) call was made with phone numbers and email IDs (whatever available) of the customers.
  • Each customer received an SMS or email (based on that customer’s indicated preference) with a link to the chatlet.


  • When customers clicked on the link in their SMS or email, it opened the company’s survey chatlet in a browser, without the need to register on Teamchat or even sign in.


  • As each customer responded to the survey, the chatlet captured their replies and was visible to the management. However the replies were hidden for all others, so that customer couldn’t view each other’s’ answers.


  • The management could even view a summary of all the replies in a separate chat room, in the form of easy-to-read charts and graphs.


Code Construct:

  <details>What plan suits the best to your needs?</details>

<option>Unlimited 3G Data at night</option>

<option>Unlimited free calls to 3 contacts</option>

<option>Unlimited free SMS</option>

<option>Unlimited free calls at night</option>


  • The company’s customer survey/feedback process is now streamlined and efficient.
  • Real-time analysis of each survey now enables management quickly identify challenges and make rapid changes/additions in their programs and offers.
  • The company’s optimized processes have dramatically improved retention and increased their ability to attract new customers.

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