Case Studies

E-commerce / Logistics Company


  • This was a logistics company offering warehousing and package delivery services to e-commerce companies.
  • The company had thousands of employees and dozens of warehouses.
  • Timely delivery of packages for both ways, between the warehouse and the customer was highly needed.
  • There was a constant challenge of tracking packages.
  • It was a frustratingly difficult process to track last-mile delivery and co-ordinate with customer.
  • The company’s monitoring of staff attendance and back-filling absent staff was inefficient.
  • The company experienced challenges in meeting seasonal increase in demand.

Teamchat Solutions:

  • The company deployed Teamchat for tracking packages and employees. Employees were asked to download Teamchat on their devices. Using a location-based smart-message template in Teamchat, employees would mark their attendance. Delivery employees would also indicate their location at key points during the day when picking or dropping off a package, or when stuck in traffic etc.

  • Teamchat comes with a barcode and QR code scanner that automatically posts messages enhancing communication. This helped to track packages leaving the warehouse.

  • The company used Teamchat APIs to setup a custom rule-engine to implement desired workflows. The rule-engine would use the package and employee information to generate custom reports that were sent to managers and customers.
  • Teamchat enabled managers to receive a custom report with current status of packages and teams, along with exceptions that needed to be handled urgently.

  • Through Teamchat, customers would receive real-time updates on package delivery status reducing the requirement to call customer support desk.
  • Reserve staff was easily notified in real time through Teamchat to replace absent staff.


With Teamchat, there was:-

  • Improved customer satisfaction through real-time updates on delivery status
  • A cut on cost because of reduced calls to support desk members who were freed up to handle other calls
  • Improved handling of seasonal peak demand and back-filling of absent staff
  • A better response to contingencies with real-time visibility by the managers
  • Improved co-ordination and communication across the organization

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