Case Studies

Ecommerce on SMS Problem


  • A small ecommerce company was finding it challenging to get customers.
  • They wanted to improve the ordering experience by providing the ability to order by phone.
  • However, building a complete series of new apps for iOS, Android and other platforms was not cost effective.
  • They needed an easy-to-use system that let their customers place orders directly through SMS.

Teamchat Solutions:

  • Gupshup created a messaging bot that could help customers place their order via SMS.
  • On giving missed call to the given number, customers now receive an SMS with a link. On clicking the link the product search process gets initiated.
  • For example, a customer who chooses to shop for books is given a list of categories and asked to select one. Additional questions follow guiding the customer to the desired book.


  • Once customers select the products, the SMS bot assists them through the order placement process.


  • The bot has enabled the ecommerce company to automate its order placement process via SMS
  • The company has been able to implement their new system quickly and saved the costs of building, developing and maintenance of their own apps.
  • The bot has improved the efficiency of the ordering process leading to happier customers and more orders.

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