Case Studies

Employee Poll on SMS/Email


  • A large FMCG company needed to communicate with its widely-dispersed dealer/reseller chain.
  • To plan, coordinate, and generate excitement for their upcoming 3-day dealer/reseller channel meet, they needed lots of quick hands up/down of RSVP’s
  • They were looking for a communication tool that could reach everyone in real time – some by mail and others by phone = and instantly tabulate and structure their responses.

Teamchat Solutions:

  • Teamchat’s RooML (Webaroo Markup Language) call was made with phone numbers and email IDs of the dealers and resellers. All dealer and reseller received the link to the feedback survey on SMS/email.


  • Whenever participants received an SMS/email (based on their stated preference) the embedded link opened the chatlet in a browser, without the need to register or log onto Teamchat


  • As members responded to a poll, the chatlet captured each answer (whether by SMS or email). Sender details remained private, so that members couldn’t view each other’s’ answers.’


  • As the replies came in, those same charts and graphs gave the organizing team a real-time snap shot of the aggregate replies.
  • The management could even view a summary of all the replies in a separate chat room, in the form of easy-to-read charts and graphs.


Code Construct:

  <for-action>Are you attending the Annual Chicago Dealers Meet in Dec '15?</for-action>


  • The rapid RSVP process efficiently and accurately captured all replies and virtually eliminated the need for follow ups
  • With real-time data, the organizing team could quickly finalize the main event and supporting activities.
  • The success of this campaign prompted the company to use it regularly to capture and tabulate all of their interactive data .

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