Case Studies



  • The company was in to organizing big corporate events for various types of industries and verticals.
  • The execution department of the organization was split in to numerous teams managing events at various locations. They were looking for swift and easy internal communication tool.
  • The on-site volunteers of each team faced challenges while capturing details of attendees as soon as they arrived.
  • Gathering feedback from the attendees at the end of each event was difficult. The pen and paper method used was tedious and was not fool-proof. Delay in reports made would make any action from the managers irrelevant.
  • Attendees could not be engaged simultaneously and there was a need for a service with on-site and remote support for the event.

Teamchat Solutions:

  • The company deployed Teamchat to enhance team connectedness and swift communication. In every marketing collateral attendees were asked to download and register with Teamchat and join the event’s public (open) group.


  • To ensure strict adherence and effective use, step-by-step instructions to download and register were mentioned clearly in the collateral and verbally at the start of the event.
  • Attendees familiarized themselves to Teamchat by networking even before the start of the event and during the event to participate in the sponsored contests.
  • Attendees were asked to post their questions to the panel and give rating/feedback for every session instantaneously through the app.


  • The team also initiated sidebar brainstorm discussions in the group where attendees gave their opinions and conducted real-time polls/surveys about the statements made by the speakers.


  • Announcements and updates about the event schedule were easily published through Teamchat.


  • Teamchat was also used to conduct any sort of sponsored raffles or contests and announce its winners promptly.


The company got:-

  • Instant insightful data concerning positive trends and negative outcomes, the type of attendees and every other useful information for making inferences.
  • Faster flow of information between the speakers and the audience.
  • Reduced operation costs since the whole process is pre-set and runs through a mobile platform unlike in previous cases.
  • 24/7 backend support service of Teamchat causing a smooth flow of the event.
  • Easy to-use tool, just like any other chat app that attendees could easily adopt.
  • Enhanced networking capabilities for proper coordination and follow-up even after the event ended.

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