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Low Audience Engagement, Low Networking

  • Conferences attendees often complain about low audience engagement.
  • Most attendees are unable to engage with or learn from their peers, who may not be speakers.
  • Most attendees are unable to ask their queries to speakers.
  • Small interest groups focused on niche topics are unable to network with like-minded attendees.

Teamchat Solution

Audience Engagement by Gathering Feedback

  • A 1-day mobile commerce conference attracting hundreds of attendees used Teamchat to enable audience engagement. Attendees were asked to download Teamchat app on their phones and join the specified public group individually. (‘Public Groups’ are listed in the left menu of the app. User can select and join any public group that has been marked ‘public’ by their respective owners.) Download instructions were distributed in the form of bookmarks at the registration desks and through slides projected on the backdrop.
  • Headlines from speaker presentations were published through Teamchat. Thus, attendees in one session could simultaneously track the headlines from other parallel sessions.
  • While keynote speakers delivered their presentations, many users posted polls and surveys to gauge audience views on relevant topics. This provided an instant snapshot of the audience views. Thus, attendees were able to gain from the experience of both the speakers and other attendees.
  • Users also started discussion threads around specific sub-topics. Audience members were able to share their respective experiences on that specific sub-topic. Thus, niche groups could create their own “special interest groups” and share experiences with like-minded attendees.
  • During panel discussions, audience members were able to submit their questions through Teamchat. The panel moderator was able to quickly scan all the submitted questions, cluster the related questions and focus the panel discussion on those topics. Thus, every audience member was able to ask the question instantly. Likewise, the panel was able to address more questions efficiently.
  • At the end of every presentation, the organizers submitted a poll to capture instant feedback from the audience about the session. To manage sensitivities, the aggregated poll results were hidden from the attendees and were visible only to the organizers. Thus, the organizers were able to instantly and conveniently gather feedback from the attendees.
  • To enable engagement with sponsor brands, a raffle was organized through Teamchat. Users could participate with a single click. At the end of the event, winners were announced through the app, and sponsored prizes were handed out to them. Thus, the sponsors were able to engage the attendees in an entertaining and engaging way without disrupting the rest of the proceedings.


The presence of such an app to engage the event audience was a success as-

  • It is an engaging and user-friendly app which helped them gain more out of this event than similar past events.
  • It was connecting the speakers and the audience very well. Attendees could get their questions answered without a rush for the mike.
  • Networking amongst attendees with same interests was more effective. The discussions were more focused and in-depth than before.
  • The organizers were able to capture audience feedback about every aspect of the event instantly and conveniently.
  • The organizers were able to create better engagement opportunities for their sponsors.
  • The organizers were able to engage with the attendees before, during and after the event.

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