Case Studies

Fitness Training Company



  • This is a social fitness startup. It provides content related to fitness, nutrition, etc. It uses social engagement to motivate users to stay fit.
  • The company initially provided offline fitness training programs. However, the offline programs had poor attendance and raised costs.
  • Fitness content and plans had to be customized to the individual profiles and goals.
  • Tracking attendance of customers was a challenge, to know if the customer has seen the video and performed the exercise)
  • They were not able to broadcast messages to all customers at once due to group size limitation or send quick corrections/feedback to customers on their workouts.
  • It was difficult to collate all the data manually received through SMS and other chat apps they used.

Teamchat Solutions:

  • The fitness company asked its employees and customers to download and setup.
  • When new users came on board, they were asked to reply to a Teamchat message stating their fitnesss goals and motivations.


  • The customers now fill in their requirements and choose a plan suitable to them.
  • They posted diverse content such as training, videos, fitness routines as per the plan chosen by the user. The content was pre-scheduled to go out at regular intervals.


  • The trainers also share daily motivational quotes and messages on these groups.
  • Attendance and post-session feedback is also managed through a simple workflow.
  • Users are assigned a “fitscore” based on the consistency and intensity of their fitness training. Due to the ease of use, the company now builds their own messaging bots and workflows using Teamchat SDK.



  • Reduced customer churn due to the strong social engagement.
  • High compliance with fitness programs due to the social motivation.
  • Timely delivery of training modules to customers.
  • Higher levels of customer satisfaction due to real time feedback mechanism.
  • A realization of cost-effective, flexible and dynamic virtual training experience.
  • A quickly and easily deployable solution, for employees as well as customers.

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