Case Studies



  • The business was a large chain of hotels.
  • The hotel had hundreds of properties across multiple locations that needed real-time monitoring.
  • There were dozens of staff who needed to be managed at each location.
  • Communication among staff within each property was required.
  • The hotel business needed to have communication across the properties and with HQ.

Teamchat Solutions:

  • The hotel deployed Teamchat to enable communications across all properties. All staff members were asked to download Teamchat app on their phones and create their accounts with their official email IDs. The organization set up team-wise groups and respective members were added to link up staff and operations within and across properties.
  • Teamchat facilitated CEO to employee communication; the CEO was now able to instantly post messages to the entire employee base, as well as receive structured responses from them, without getting overwhelmed.

  • Teamchat was useful in the circulation of brand standards to the hotel team.
  • Through Teamchat, operations and key metrics were easily tracked in areas such as reception, housekeeping, food, transportation etc. For example, the housekeeping staff updated checklists while cleaning each room; transportation team would monitor location of cars to optimize drop/pickup times for each guest thus increasing operations efficiency.

  • Teamchat helped in the monitoring of performance indicators of employees in each area. This translated into reward and recognition of top performers per day or week.
  • Tracking of sales team performance was easily done with Teamchat. Zonal, regional and national managers would each receive their real-time snapshot of the aggregate sales in their territory through Teamchat.
  • The hotel deployed Teamchat-integrated Wi-Fi-trackers to track Wi-Fi signal strength in each room; the tracker periodically sent signals through Teamchat; if the signal strength fell below the pre-defined threshold, a service request was triggered to the local technician, who had to accept the request and fix it within a defined time, failing which, it would trigger an escalation process.

  • The hotel gathered customer feedback through Teamchat. Unlike paper-based surveys that had a low fill rate, Teamchat helped customers respond to the surveys even after having left the hotel; results were made available instantly to all key stakeholders.


The hotel realized efficiency through:-

  • Instant visibility into real-time operating metrics in different locations.
  • Quicker response times to customer requests leading to improved customer satisfaction.
  • Effective and early detection and resolution of issues, often before the customer noticed the problem. This reduced customer complaints substantially.
  • Increased employee satisfaction with Teamchat use, especially among the top performers.
  • Increased compliance with brand standards and service-levels at all locations.
  • Enhanced efficiency through improved tracking of operation metrics at the various locations.

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