Case Studies

Insurance Company



Sales Channel Management and Engagement/Co-ordination Issue:

  • The sales department has more than 500 employees and it becomes very difficult for the sales manager/organization to keep track of the daily target and the daily actual sales achieved.
  • The organization wants to communicate and to get instantaneous response from the employees without the cluttering of messages.
  • The organization wants to recognize the efforts and the performance of the employees so that they can motivate others to perform but without wasting any time in physical gathering of the employees.

Teamchat Solutions:

Channel Management via workflows

  • The organization deployed Teamchat in to the sales department having 500 employees. At the start and end of any business day, the sales manager posts a form asking for the sales target and actual salesof the day which the sales employees have to fill.
  • The manager immediately gets the target sales and actual sales of each employee in a table and chart format with a representation of the achievement success percentage.
  • The organization also conducts frequent surveys on Teamchat. Recent one includes a survey asking choice of location for an upcoming international convention.
  • Additionally, they use Teamchat for reward and recognition: announcing the star-of-the-day awards, customer testimonials and so on.


The performance of sales team has improved dramatically through

  • Increased competition among sales team members
  • Instant resolution of sales team queries
  • Live reporting to sales managers on a daily basis
  • Instantaneous response from the employees
  • Smoother, faster and more effective employee performance recognition process
  • Sustainable Sales Channel Management and Engagement/Co-ordination

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