Case Studies

Jira integration 


  • The project management team of this startup was tracking the internal software development with the help of JIRA.
  • There used to be multiple JIRA notifications every day from various teams like assignment of new tasks, comments, status updates, git commits, build scoping and so on.
  • The email based notifications were frustrating the development and project management teams. Their inboxes would get cluttered with a high number of alerts, making it hard to find relevant ones.
  • Project managers were finding it difficult to manage the tasks as the development team would miss important ones and required manual follow-ups, leading to missed deadlines.
  • They wanted to receive these alerts even when they are away from their desks.
  • The company needed a better way to manage the project.

Teamchat Solutions:

  • The company deployed Teamchat for the development team. Teamchat was integrated with their JIRA system. The JIRA “bot” (now, a Teamchat user) would send all alerts via Teamchat.
  • All alerts were posted as “smart” messages with additional context such as assignee, task number and name along with the notification whenever an issue is created/re-opened, closed, updated to done/resolved/in progress or commented on.

Jira Case Study_1

  • Messages related to the same ticket got aggregated together to reduce the number of messages, dramatically reducing clutter. Messages were color-coded based on priority making them easier to follow.

Jira Case Study_2

  • The project management team setup workflows for handling escalation paths, status updates and more.
  • The engineers had to just update in one place and all stakeholders were auto-updated via Teamchat.
  • This tracking mechanism enabled teams to capture and organize issues, assign work and follow their team’s activity even through their phones.


  • The development team became much more productive as the JIRA tasks became more manageable.
  • Highly relevant alerts were not missed. Low priority tickets were responded to immediately as they were routed to the right person immediately.
  • The team was now spending quality time developing their product and less time managing the tasks.
  • The development and project management teams did not have to constantly be at the dashboard because they could get alerts on the phone.
  • Other stakeholders got full visibility too: they received the relevant high-priority alerts, as well us real-time updates.

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