Case Studies

Language Internationalization


  • A growing pharmaceutical company in Russia needed to effectively manage and track its operations
  • The company needed a communication platform for sales representatives and zonal managers in Russian language
  • Managers needed to track daily tasks and progress of events by field force. So they needed to automate their complicated manual workflow.

Teamchat Solutions:

  • Teamchat was deployed at various hierarchical levels needed by the workflow. Chatlets, Bots & Workflows were set up in Russian language for effective communiation. Teamchat facilitated the pre-scheduling of repetitive chatlets at predetermined times for these groups, whereas managers could post chatlets using bots whenever required.


  • Field employees (MRs) used Teamchat to fill in doctor’s details in Russian language.


  • Replies and reports could be imported in real time immediately from the Admin panel for analyzing.
  • Teamchat automated the entire reporting process- from doctor’s registration to doctor’s reports


  • Irrelevant communication minimized and adherence to compliance maximized with Teamchat.
  • Increased reporting fastened the entire decision-making process leading to better performance.
  • There was a reduction in data-entry errors and a significant decrease on the expenses incurred in paper processing.
  • Increased employee satisfaction became possible through the adaptation of Teamchat in Russian language.

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