Case Studies

Large Staffing Company


  • The staffing company manages a large workforce of over fifty thousand associates
  • The entire workflow is manual, inefficient and with significant delays for all stakeholders
  • For the staffing agency: the challenges include job assignment, sourcing, invoicing, payments and training.
  • For the associates: the challenges include updating personal details, reviewing pay-slip information, attendance, approvals and reimbursements.
  • For the clients: the challenges include attendance monitoring, timesheets, approvals, invoicing and payments.

Teamchat Solution

  • The staffing agency deployed Teamchat to manage interviews, screening and job offers. Candidates started receiving alerts for jobs matching their profile and location and could respond instantly.
  • The placement team was able to manage interviews, screening and job offers.
  • The sourcing team was able to setup alerts for invoices and payments
  • The associates were able to update their personal details including tax information
  • The associates could view their payslip information instantly and receive reimbursement notifications.
  • The associates were able to mark their attendance and timesheets through Teamchat.
  • Clients were able to verify attendance and approve timesheets through Teamchat
  • The operations team was able to track and manage the payroll calendar with notifications for billing, invoicing, payments
  • The exec team was able to monitor in real-time the company performance versus targets.


  • Improved efficiency through dramatic reduction / elimination of paperwork
  • Just-in-time notifications for all stakeholders reduced delays
  • Improved payments and collections for the company through better operations
  • Automation of processes reduced operational overheads
  • Client retention improved with increased visibility
  • Associates were happier with instant access to personal information

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