Case Studies

Lead Management System


  • A financial services company wanted to improve their process for managing and closing leads
  • Employees would refer friends and family who may be prospects. Also, inside sales teams would generate leads through outbound calls.
  • These leads would first be assigned to a region, depending on the location of the customer. The regional manager would then assign the lead to a specific sales agent
  • The sales agent would approach the customer, then update the status of the lead

Teamchat Solution:

  • The company implemented Teamchat to fully automate their lead management process. Multiple groups were created for each regional team. A common group was created to capture all incoming leads from employees and inside sales teams.
  • They used Teamchat API to implement a rules-engine that executed the desired business workflow. The rules-engine would receive and send messages per the defined workflow.
  • As leads were submitted into Teamchat, the rules-engine would forward the lead via Teamchat to the appropriate regional manager.
  • Once the regional manager assigned the lead to a specific sales agent, the rules-engine would forward the lead via Teamchat to the appropriate sales agent.
  • Once the sales agent contacts the customer, he updates the lead status.
  • The lead status is sent back to the original referrer, to close the loop along with information about the referral reward, if any.
  • Along the way, summary reports are generated and sent to the executive sales management.


The company was able to improve sales performance due to:

  • Quicker action on live leads led to better conversion rates
  • Improved tracking of the sales funnel for all stakeholders
  • Quicker rewards for referrers brought in more referrals
  • Enabling the lead-management system on mobile improved response time at every step in the process.

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