Case Studies

Learning Management System


  • A large bank with 65,000 employees faced difficulties in training its staff across the different functions and operations in the entire group.
  • On site training sessions were organized with limited frequency in limited locations. This was highly inadequate compared to the goals of the management team, which wanted to train more employees with more skills.
  • The training sessions weren’t as effective – attendees would typically forget the content after a couple of weeks, in the absence of continuous reinforcement.
  • They were looking for a tool that can conduct the training process through a mobile device.

Teamchat Solutions:

  • The bank deployed Teamchat as the official training and communication tool. The Training Team did a one-time setup of content across topics and competency levels. They also defined role-based access permissions so employees can access the content according to their roles. A training bot was setup to enable the complete training workflow.
  • The training modules were defined for both self-paced individual learning as well as instructor-led group learning.
  • A key goal was to gamify the interactions to ensure employee engagement. This included reward stickers, colorful badges, leader board, graduation board etc.
  • Through Teamchat, employees could initiate training modules based on their interest. The training bot would first send instructional material, which can be in any file format, including videos, audios, images and pdfs. The content is followed by assessment tests. The training bot provides helpful hints for incorrect responses, helping the user along. Even after a module is completed, the training bot would send periodic reminders and tips to ensure the content is not forgotten.


  • As employees complete a level, they become eligible to take the next level for the same topic, as well as other related topics.



  • The training bot publishes individual accomplishments on the leader board and graduation board, that is sent out to the entire team. This drives peer recognition.


  • The company also extended the use of Teamchat to track the key metrics of business performance. They were then able to correlate training performance with business outcomes – which became a direct measure of training efficacy.


  • Employees were able to get the training they wanted anytime, anywhere. The app was simple and intuitive to use. Content retention was higher due to continuous reinforcement.
  • The training team could track if their training content was complete and helpful, and was able to make changes in real time.
  • Managers were able to track training adoption in real time. They could instantly verify that the training objectives of their employees were being met. The company could now train everyone all the time.
  • Managers were able to identify self-motivated individuals that were hungry for personal and professional growth.
  • The gamification elements such as leaderboard and graduation board drove the recognition of highly trained individuals leading to healthy competition amongst peers.
  • By tying individual performance and business outcomes to training achievement, the senior executives were able to close the feedback loop. They were able to directly measure and optimize training efficacy.
  • Compared to the prior training methods, the Teamchat solution proved to be better, faster and cheaper.

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