Case Studies

Major BPO company


  • The biggest HR challenge for BPO companies is employee attrition. Employees drop out at alarmingly high levels right from the initial training to later years. Attrition runs at around 50% in the industry.
  • The key reasons for attrition are lack of employee engagement. This includes both intra-team communications as well as a lack of connect with their team-leads.
  • The companies do invest a lot in employee engagement, but employee participation is limited due to lack of awareness.
  • The company was looking for a tool to improve both formal and informal communication across the organization.

Teamchat Solution:

  • The company deployed Teamchat as the official communication channel. Team leads were encouraged to form their own teams and communicate with them. Being on their mobile device, it was time-efficient to use.
  • The company setup workflows for improved onboarding of new employees and adding them to relevant groups on Teamchat.
  • The company drove reward and recognition (R&R) activities with employee participation.
  • The company offered entertainment funds for team-use so long as the whole team participated in deciding the activity.
  • The company was able to coach and track team leads on engaging more effectively with employees, as well as measure and reward the outperformers.
  • The company setup HR groups for employees to quickly raise and address issues. The company setup workflows to handle frequently asked queries such as leave-balance, payslip details and other information.
  • Execs and managers were able to get visibility into the engagement levels across the organization.


Employee attrition levels improved due to:

  • Improved employee engagement and participation
  • Improved access to team leads and corporate HR
  • Instant identification and resolution of common issues
  • Tracking and rewarding engaged team leads and other employees

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