Case Studies

Major Coffee Retailer



  • This company has over 1500 retail outlets nationwide and large, distributed organization.
  • The HQ needs to track raw material consumption, sales, logistics and HR issues at each store.
  • Since all sensitive information flows through the app the company was extremely concerned about the security of this communication tool.
  • The Company wanted to improve visibility and performance of its entire operations.
  • The company tried using consumer messaging apps without much success. The apps were limited by group size and get cluttered in large groups.

Teamchat Solutions:

  • Different groups were setup to connect staff and operations within and across stores.
  • The whole organization was grouped according to area, functions and hierarchy.


  • ‘Smart –messages’ enabled contextual, clutterfree communication in large groups.
  • Daily reports and charts were sent to managers according to hierarchy and geography.


  • Standardized checklists were sent to each staff member for their daily activities.
  • Store managers were able to share best practices with each other.
  • HQ was able to instantly send important announcements to all stores.



  • Instant visibility into real time metrics in different stores.
  • Focused, contextual discussions resulting in more employee engagement.
  • Decision-making process has improved due to real-time, granular data.
  • More productivity as lesser time is spent to sift through message clutter.
  • There is a high impact of key messages, as they are refined based on ground-level feedback.
  • Remote employees felt more connected and engaged with the org leading to improved morale and reduced churn.

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