Case Studies

Major Pharmaceutical Company


  • Many workflows and reports were paper-based, leading to delays and inaccuracies that cause compliance risk or reduced sales
  • For example, one such workflow is the “Adverse Drug Reaction” (ADR) report. Medical Reps (MRs) are required to capture ADR reports from doctors, as required by company and regulatory policies.
  • These reports were paper based, leading to substantial delays. Errors in the reports would not be caught in a timely manner. Execs had limited visibility into the volume of reports being filed. Field agents suffered substantial overheads managing and filing the paperwork.

Teamchat Solution:

  • The company deployed Teamchat to get instant reports on Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR). MRs were asked to download Teamchat on their devices and register with their official Email IDs. ADR forms were implemented to report critical, emergency cases. For usability and instant reporting, form was broken down into chunks and shown only when required.
  • The forms were later re-designed for usability. Forms were broken into smaller chunks for the small mobile screen. Conditional sections of the form were shown only when required. Validation of form data was instant, eliminating inaccuracies.
  • Field agents were able to eliminate the overhead related to handling paper. They could file the report anytime, anywhere – even while they were stuck in traffic.
  • Field agents received timely reminders in case the forms were left incomplete.
  • The reports were re-routed via Teamchat to the appropriate product managers for resolution.
  • Summary reports were sent to managers in real-time via Teamchat.
  • Compliance managers and execs had real-time visibility into the entire ADR “funnel”. Compliance managers were able to file reports with the regulators in a timely fashion.
  • Company is now automating virtually all other forms and workflows.


Company performance improved due to:

  • Substantial reduction in compliance risk.
  • Improved real-time reporting and visibility across the organization
  • Quick resolution of issues leading to reduced incidences of new incidences
  • Reduced data-entry errors and paper-processing overheads

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