Case Studies

Major Retailer


  • The company had a widely distributed organization that was rapidly growing
  • The company employed many temporary workers that involved high churn
  • While the point-of-sale (POS) system was well integrated, many other business performance metrics were not visible at HQ
  • The company wanted to improve visibility and performance of its entire operations

Teamchat Solution:

  • The company deployed Teamchat for attendance montoring across the entire organization – 2,000 outlets and 50,000 employees by setting up groups that mapped to their organization. Some of the groups were self-organizing i.e. store managers would create their own groups adding / deleting new staff as required.
  • Attendance monitoring was enabled through Teamchat. When employees arrived on site, they had to check-in to work.
  • The company used Teamchat not just for people-to-people communication, but also machine-to-machine communication. They connected store cameras to Teamchat, enabling live footfall counting across all store locations. The cameras also enabled the monitoring of paid-promotional displays, which was immensely valuable to the sponsoring brands.
  • The stores used Teamchat to also track status of home deliveries, dramatically reducing the excessively inefficient communication overhead.
  • The company also invited their loyalty club customers to download Teamchat. They were sent special offers and live limited-time offers via Teamchat. Customers could also lookup the status of loyalty points automatically.
  • The company used Teamchat to get instant feedback from store managers on performance of special sales events. Even ad hoc queries were now possible.
  • Store managers were able to share best practices across the organization, or react immediately to fast moving trends.


The company was able to improve its operations across many dimensions:

  • Improved visibility into operating metrics
  • “Remote eyes” capability in stores was very valuable
  • Increased sales from loyalty club members
  • Reduced communication overhead for store managers
  • Increased promotional revenues from advertisers
  • Improved HR process compliance, especially for temporary workers

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