Case Studies

Multibrand Consumer Goods Company


  • The company wanted to build a “reverse communication module” to enable the field teams to communicate to HQ
  • Packages (e.g. soap) often get damaged reaching from the factory to the store shelf
  • The retailers would complain to the field sales agents of the company
  • The information from the field (3000 sales agents) was not reaching HQ resulting in weaker sales and high return costs

Teamchat Solution:

  • The company deployed Teamchat as the reverse communication module. All employees were asked to download Teamchat app on their phones and create their accounts with their official email IDs. The organization set up team-wise groups and respective members were added.
  • The field staff was asked to take photos of any damaged products – if the packaging was torn or the fill level was low – and send it back via Teamchat.
  • The photos were received at headquarters, analyzed and re-routed to the appropriate brand manager and her team via Teamchat
  • Once the brand manager resolved the issues, they used specific forms in Teamchat to report on the status of the issue.
  • Summarized reports about the count and status of issues were automatically sent to management teams via Teamchat
  • In a later version, the field teams were instructed to take photos with the product barcodes. This enabled automated image processing and instant re-routing of issues.


The company’s sales improved dramatically through:

  • instant identification of issues and quick corrective actions leading to lower incidence of complaints later
  • reduced cost of product returns
  • reduced damage to brand perception
  • increased retailer and customer satisfaction

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