Case Studies

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  • This was a leading news publishing organization that needed coordination across print, web, mobile and other media.
  • The ecosystem includes 5,000 reporters, among them editors, beat reporters, invited contributors and freelancers who needed to work collaboratively.
  • The organization is widely distributed geographically with dozens of reporters in each city, along with a hierarchy of editors who needed to manage them efficiently.
  • The organization needed an efficient bottom-up and top-down communication to identify, filter, polish and publish key news stories as quickly as possible.
  • The organization needed to publish news stories as fast as possible, before the competition; this can translate into massive incremental traffic and revenues.

Teamchat Solutions:

  • The organization authorized Teamchat to be setup on reporters’ and editors’ devices. They setup groups based on city, state, region and country for real-time communication. Draft stories were submitted by reporters through a specially defined Teamchat smart-message/ chatlet.

  • With the help of Teamchat, the story flows through different stages as it evolves: draft, pending-verification, investigate-details, drop, escalate-to-state-level, escalate-to-national-level, near-final-copy, proofread, ready-to-publish etc. The smart-message displays a list of possible next-stages enhancing good coordination.

  • Teamchat on editors’ and reporters’ devices facilitates the guidance of the story as it develops, moving it along from one stage to another.

  • Teamchat makes escalated stories visible to state and national editorial desks as they’re developing.

  • Groups are also set up based on city, state, region and country, where reporters share their stories in their regional language.

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  • This led to reduced clutter that enables greater focus on the priority stories.


Teamchat led to the realization of the following results:-

  • Quick publishing of each story leading to higher traffic and revenues.
  • Reduced clutter that led to better allocation of focus and resources on the “good” stories, causing an improved quality of coverage with better background information.
  • Instant visibility that led to reduced duplicative efforts and increased collaboration among reporters.
  • Improved quality of coverage at the state and national level, resulting from the enhanced visibility and check into developing stories for refining before publishing.

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