Case Studies

Political Party


  • This was a large political party that needed to refresh and consolidate its database of millions of registered party workers and other volunteers.
  • The party also needed to coordinate with its state and local level sub-organizations.
  • There was a need to make instant communication on key messages.
  • The party was facing the challenge of collecting ground-level feedback while creating and refining key messages.
  • The political party was not able to systematically assign and re-assign tasks, co-ordinate activities and track progress. It was challenging to implement processes and ensure compliance.
  • Operations needed real-time information and analysis.

Teamchat Solutions:

  • Teamchat was deployed for managing party-related communication. The party notified workers and volunteers to download Teamchat on their devices. Using Teamchat smart-message templates, all members filled in a personal profile providing the party with an absolutely fresh, granular member database that never existed before.

  • Party organization into local and regional groups was automatically enabled through Teamchat based on each worker’s location.
  • Using the Teamchat platform, the party can now send regular updates to workers with key messages in response to daily developments. This ensures consistent party communication.

  • Through Teamchat, the party quickly develops and tests key messages by surveying the party workers who can vote on existing ideas or suggest new ones.
  • With Teamchat smart-message templates, the party collects information about top voter issues organized at a very granular level: by village, city, state or region. This real-time information and analysis drives every aspect of party strategy and planning.

  • Using Teamchat APIs, the party has setup workflows to assign tasks (such as in-person voter contact) to party workers and volunteers. Unfinished tasks are re-assigned after the designated time to other volunteers. Top performers receive instant reward and recognition through Teamchat.
  • Teamchat has helped in the onboarding of new volunteers. Volunteers can self-identify their interests and be assigned tasks automatically based on their skills and availability.


  • The party-wide communication has improved
  • There is enhanced consistency on outbound messages across all party workers.
  • There is a high impact of key messages, as they are refined based on ground-level feedback.
  • Customization of party messages is made possible for each locale based on key issues in that area.
  • Automation of activity coordination and task management is now possible. This has led to substantial improvement in productivity and results.
  • Enhancement of instant reward and recognition has energized workers and volunteers who step forward to take on even greater responsibilities for the welfare of the party.
  • Decision-making process has improved due to real-time, granular data.

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