Case Studies

Public voting for movie awards


  • The organizers of an upcoming award function for Indian movies wanted to capture votes from movie-lovers in 5 different categories.
  • They needed an easy way to capture those votes on SMS without asking voters to type long text strings.
  • They were also looking at collecting these thousands of responses coming on SMS and consolidating them into a single report.

Teamchat Solutions:

  • Gupshup designed a solution that let the event organizers advertise a single dedicated phone number to its target audience.
  • Once the interested voter gives a missed call on that number, Gupshup sends her an SMS with a link to the award’s nomination page.
  • screen-1v2

  • The link opens up a smart message in the user’s smartphone browser that shows the nominations in all 5 categories.

  • As each user submits their vote, the system instantly aggregates all responses.
  • If a user fails to respond to the smart message within 20 minutes, the system triggers an automatic IVR to the voter.
  • The IVR takes the user through all the choices in each award category; the user submits her votes by dialing the dedicated number for that choice.
  • Votes flowing in from both SMSs and IVR channels get aggregated and tabulated in real time, and the results appear instantly on a dashboard custom-designed for the event.

screen 4

screen 5


  • The simplicity and efficiency of such a mechanism has brought the organizers a higher response rate and more voters than through a plain vanilla SMS system
  • Labour costs have got trimmed by aggregating all categories into a single “awards report”
  • The alternate IVR mechanism has assisted in capturing responses from voters who don’t have smartphones or data packs
  • Gupshup’s omnichannel smart messaging capabilities have dramatically reduced the cost of the campaign too.

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