Case Studies

Quick Service Restaurants



  • A rapidly growing fast-food service restaurant chain for casual dining had a large team of 5000+ distributed across the country.
  • The organization structure of the team was multi-layered; the communications between them were cumbersome.
  • There was no real-time mechanism to do sales reporting or inventory management per store basis.
  • They needed to track order average and volumes sold across outlets, across cities.
  • Training was a big problem since attrition rate is very high with entry-level jobs and new trained replacements are required very quickly.
  • They also needed a real time attendance monitoring system since shift hours are fragmented and across different locations.

Teamchat Solutions:

  • The company deployed Teamchat In a zone-wise manner. Multiple groups were set up per hierarchy/ store/ location. All employees were asked to install Teamchat on their devices and start reporting on it.
  • Multi level report requests are now sent out at scheduled intervals through Teamchat app. All teams (store-wise) input their sales details in terms of volume, amount and so on every day by replying on the app.


  • Re-conciliation reports including graphs showing actual vs target sales are sent to the city, zonal and national management team every day.


  • Management makes instant announcements to all the stores whenever there is a change in pricing, offers, menu and so on, through the broadcast feature on Teamchat.


  • Messaging bots notify managers if the sales fall below certain thresholds per zone/ area/ store/ team.


  • The team manages stock and makes requests for inventory through the app.
  • Training modules are set up on Teamchat , where specific training videos are sent followed by assessment tests. Gamification with rewards enables constant engagement.
  • Attendance is now captured and reported in real-time without the need of proprietary hardware.


  • The restaurant chain improved their sales management leading to a surge in productivity.
  • Communication across a far-flung org now became real-time, clutter-free and effective.
  • Improved communication led to better employee engagement, reducing churn.
  • Decision-making process improved due to real-time, granular data.

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