Case Studies

Real Estate Portal 


  • A real-estate focused ecommerce company lacked efficiency in backend operations.
  • The company had a large field force that was responsible for reviewing properties, taking photos, verifying details and building detailed profiles.
  • There were delays in business workflow involving major stakeholders – starting from lead capturing, to assigning photography to Quality Check (QC) and so on.
  • There was email overload due to lack of effective hierarchical communication
  • Manual communication via email between sales, coordinators, photographers and QC made the business process slow.
  • Business growth and development was negatively affected.

Teamchat Solutions:

  • The company deployed Teamchat as their official reporting tool. All the sales representatives downloaded the application. They started using it from lead capturing to final storyboarding. The sales representatives started using Teamchat to fill in details about a new property which gets auto-forwarded to the scheduler.


  • Still on the same platform, the scheduler approves the property and instantly relays it to the designated photographer.

  • After the photographer accepts the task, the work is easily and directly submitted for QC without delays.

  • Once the pictures gets a QC clearance, this lead moves to storyboarding, where they are eventually put up on the portal for display.
  • At any given point, the stake holders can access all the history and progress of a certain lead through Teamchat.
  • Additionally, photographers receive a weekly digest of their schedule on Teamchat thus avoiding work bottlenecks.


  • Every team of this people-driven organization is now managed on a single platform where every stakeholder is notified with the status of the project.
  • Teamchat has helped them get rid of redundant, superfluous communication that went back and forth on email.
  • There has been increased business process speed as a result of real time tracking and reporting between organizational departments.
  • There has been increased transparency and accountability in the organization prompting everyone to deliver as required.
  • The use of Teamchat has decreased cost of operations and increased completion of more business activities in a given time-frame.

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