Case Studies

Residential Community Management


  • This is a large residential community with 3000+ residents living in more than 900+ apartments in 3 towers.
  • The community is managed by a management committee that consists of residents s/elected to perform various roles. It has sub-committees like cultural, beautification and hygiene, clubhouse management, legal, finance and planning, water and electricity supply, parking and so on. The total members of this committee are approximately 180-200.
  • The property management team consists of 3 managers, one for each tower, who report to the management committee.
  • Communications between the committee and residents was previously conducted through emails. Communications were cluttered and delayed.
  • They were looking for better solution that would enable them to improve communications.
  • They started by using Whatsapp for communication, but very quickly had to move to a tool that supports larger groups of 1000 people. They unsuccessfully tried a few other tools before trying Teamchat.

Teamchat Solutions:

  • The committee setup Teamchat by creating different groups for the committee, sub-committees, residents, towers and property managers.
  • All residents were invited to join Teamchat by email, SMS and through notice boards to download and register on Teamchat. They were asked to include their apartment code in their profile name for quick identification.


  • The members adopted Teamchat immediately because of the ease of use and simple interface.
  • The cultural committee now communicates with the residents through Teamchat for event notifications and RSVPs.
  • They make announcements about any upcoming event in the community and ask for interested volunteers and participation in their various cultural activities.


  • Similarly the beautification and hygiene committee uses the app to communicate with all residents to give any instructions related to waste disposal, planting trees etc.
  • They collect floor and tower specific feedback/complaints through Teamchat.


  • The management committee posts updates about vacant apartments so that interested buyers can approach them.


  • They also publish announcements and take complaints around parking, water and electricity supply, security, maintenance bills, etc through the app.
  • The residents also use Teamchat for person-to-person chatting with other members of the community.


  • The community operates much more efficiently now as important information is exchanged between management committee and residents much more quickly.
  • Networking between members has increased as they can find each other quickly through this app, instead of sharing contact details in person.
  • Members feel heard and their opinions become immediately important.
  • Teamchat has helped them minimize delays in planning/estimation/complaint redressal as communication through Teamchat is possible even when the residents are not in their apartment.
  • Events and meetings are now better organized. Problems are addressed quickly and hygiene levels have improved substantially.

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