Case Studies

Sales Organization


  • The sales organization was 5,000 strong, geographically distributed.
  • The sales organization included employees, independent contractors, independent resellers and distributors.
  • The sales management team wanted to communicate more actively with the sales organization. They also wanted visibility into the sales activities of the organization.
  • While they had many existing enterprise communication tools, they either didn’t work with users outside the corporate email domain or couldn’t enable groups with large team sizes.


  • The company deployed Teamchat to enable communications across the organization. All employees were asked to download Teamchat app on their phones and create their accounts with their official email IDs. The organization set up team-wise groups and respective members were added.
  • In these groups, they were able to add members even if they didn’t have email addresses with the same corporate domain.
  • They used Teamchat for collecting real-time reports of daily sales, meetings held, calls made, leads converted, forecasts etc.
  • They used Teamchat to track employee activities in the field including customer visit tracking, attendance monitoring that were earlier impossible due to lack of remote supervision.
  • They used Teamchat to deliver new product announcements with detailed product brochures, as well as to gather market intelligence re competitors and customers.
  • They enabled salespeople to lookup product details, which increased sales conversion rates as well as to file and lookup status of customer complaints.
  • They delivered sales and product training materials via Teamchat, including photos, videos and files.
  • They used Teamchat to enable reward and recognition (R&R) activities.
  • All sales commission information and lookup was delivered through Teamchat.
  • Leads from inside sales teams were delivered to sales people instantly


The overall sales performance improved dramatically due to:

  • Real-time visibility into sales metrics
  • Improved monitoring of sales employee productivity
  • Improved insights from market surveys
  • Better trained and informed salespeople
  • Quicker action on leads improved conversion rates
  • Quicker resolution of customer complaints
  • Reduced inefficiency and overhead in sales commission payments

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