Case Studies

Telecom Service Provider



  • This large mobile telco was looking for an efficient communication system.
  • The organization had thousands of employees including technicians, resellers, sales teams, customer support, servicing and many more spread across the country.
  • The customer support team receives a lot of complaints every day, but the communication with the service staff was challenging. The field service engineers were almost always in the field, going from one customer site to another.
  • The poor communication between the support and service teams translated into poor response times and low customer satisfaction rate.

Teamchat Solutions:

  • The company deployed Teamchat as their official communication tool in the support and service teams.
  • The employees downloaded and set up Teamchat on their phones and were added to pre-created team-wise groups. A messaging bot was setup to enable the entire servicing and sales reporting workflow was set up hierarchy-wise in these groups.


  • Whenever the customer support team receives a complaint, the details with the caller’s name, address, etc now get forwarded automatically to the free engineer nearest to the customer location.


  • The service engineer accepts the task, shares location upon reaching the customer site and fills in the update once the issue is resolved.


  • The customer support team as well as the field service managers received real-time status reports of all activities. An automated leaderboard identifies the top engineers that have performed the most service requests during the day.


  • A similar workflow was setup to monitor and maintain the infrastructure components as well. When monitoring systems detect a maintenance issue with an infrastructure element (e.g. transmission tower, cables etc), the service-request is automatically triggered and addressed in the same way as customer complaint.


  • The support and servicing process of this organization is now streamlined and efficient.
  • Optimized service scheduling led to lower response and resolution times, increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Network downtime decreased as issues were resolved instantly.
  • Based on an analysis of the detailed, real-time tracking data identified weak spots where the services needed to be improved.
  • Employee morale of the field service engineers improved greatly as they received peer recognition.

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