Case Studies



  • This was a training and business consulting firm providing dynamic pragmatic solutions to organizations.
  • The company had hundreds of trainers and expert consultants from various domains.
  • The trainers got their post-training questions and feedback from the trainees filled in a traditional manner on pen and paper.
  • This resulted in disruption of training schedules and a lot of time was lost in manual data collation.
  • There was a lag in understanding the problem areas and taking corrective actions in the training..

Teamchat Solutions:

  • The company deployed Teamchat for capturing feedback & questions from trainees. Before starting the training, the trainer asks all trainees to set up Teamchat on their phones and creates a group with all of them.
  • On completion of the training, the trainer posts a chatlet asking each trainee to put in questions if any.
  • After the Q & A session, the trainer posts a multi-objective feedback form which is broken in to 4 smaller parts.
  • The first part captures the details of the trainees like name, age, etc.

  • This is followed by an assessment of the setting to understand what trainees think of the training venue and set up.

  • The third and most important part of the form helps capture trainees’ feedback about the trainer and the training material.

  • The fourth part includes a quick survey about the overall training session.

  • All replies to this form are hidden, so no other trainee can view it.
  • A report of this chatlet is downloaded from the admin panel in a csv format and used to decipher what corrections need to be made.



With Teamchat, the company got:-

  • Quick and direct insights of what’s working and what’s not in the training session because of a manipulation-free electronic procedure
  • Improved and faster corrections in the training in terms of venue, set up, material, trainer and so on.
  • A cut of cost because of no more manual data transfer from paper to spreadsheet.
  • Access to these reports to view and download from the Admin Panel with ease

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