Case Studies

Travel Services Company


  • This was a leading travel services provider that needed coordination between the field force and business heads.
  • The ecosystem includes up to 600 employees spread across the country, including sales representatives on the field and at events, zonal managers and national business head.
  • The entire sales reporting process was manual. So compiling sales figures and generating reports was very time-consuming causing significant delay to all stakeholders.
  • Tracking the progress of individual tasks at every stage was a challenge as there were no time records.
  • The company needed a communication tool that could connect the whole organization and give a clearer picture from the field.

Teamchat Solutions:

  • The company deployed Teamchat in the organization for tracking sales and overall action on the field. Business Manager and the sales team downloaded Teamchat. Each day, the business manager defines the sales target at the start of the day and the sales person inputs the actual sales at the end of the day on Teamchat.


  • The aggregated reports and graphical charts comparing forecast vs actual performance are generated automatically and continuously.


  • The reports and charts are sent to the zonal, regional and national managers for their respective territories, giving them instant insights of the team’s daily performance.
  • Teamchat has also enabled a task chatlet for the company, through which a person on field can keep updating the status of a task at regular intervals, till the task is completed, thus closing the loop.


  • Managers can thus create tasks, assign them and track the status in real time and take necessary action instantly.


  • Clear visibility and instant insights from the team leading to enhanced productivity
  • Improved efficiency across the organization resulting from better monitoring, tighter coordination of tasks, instant detection of delays and rapid adjustments.
  • Improved tracking that led to quicker decision making with the help of real time granular data. This encouraged faster responses in the field.
  • Automation of the sales tracking workflow and the ease of use led to drastic improvement in the performance of the sales team

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