noun: 1. a programmable chat applet.
that can summarize and organize
message replies in a conversation.

Sample Chatlets

Aggregate Sales Results

Summarize Poll Results

Capture Data

Send Alerts and Announcements

Approval Workflows

Database Lookups

Track Meetings

Nominate members

Conduct Surveys

Chatlets in action

Pre installed Chatlets support various organization functions


Create your own chatlets

Want to create your own chatlets with our SDK?

Chatlets make Teamchat world’s 1st multi-platform messenger, which is expandable by developers of the world, like you.

Using our Bot SDKs, you’d be able to expand the basic set, create uses for niche segments with just a few lines of code. Create them for the world for free or make an advance set and generate revenues.

Check out our Bot SDK.

What are Bots?

Use Teamchat as a standalone app

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