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Teamchat is a smart messaging platform that reduces clutter from high volume messaging feeds. It can be used to enable clutter-free messaging in large groups, or to streamline messages from IOT devices and servers. Teamchat’s smart messaging capability can be used in multiple ways –  Embed it into any 3rd party app/website, set up your workflow on Teamchat or use it through its standalone app.

Embed Teamchat into your app or website

you can embed native & persistent code using our Embed SDK. HTML5 SDK coming soon.

Setup messaging bots in Teamchat

To see a bot overview click here. You can make your own bots with our Bot SDK.

 Create your own chatlets

You can create your own smart message template, or use ones created by others from the library using our Chatlet Creator. (COMING SOON)

Rest APIs

Our Rest APIs enable you to carry out a few basic actions in Teamchat. For more advanced stuff, you should use our Bot SDK above.(COMING SOON)


Send chatlets over multiple channels such as SMS or data including email, custom app, FB, Twitter, Skype and others. Click here for more info.

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