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Apr 14, 2015

Enterprise messaging is broken in so many ways! Communicating in large teams is almost impossible. Email inboxes are overloaded, with reply-all being the main culprit.

Social enterprise tools and messaging apps suffer from excessive clutter. Monitoring the hundreds of daily messages is challenging and overwhelming. Different conversations get inter-twined – making sense of them is impossible. Sometimes you just want the aggregate, other times just the latest status update, but you have to wade through irrelevant topics and innumerable messages to find what you’re looking for. Getting manager approvals, tracking checklists, monitoring team tasks and tracking updates are needlessly challenging. Isn’t there a better way to enable enterprise messaging in large teams?

Now, there is. We launched Teamchat, a messaging app that enables clutter-free messaging in groups of unlimited size! Teamchat contains patent-pending“smart messages” that summarize responses enabling important content to stand out. Smart-messages aggregate responses such that you see only one summarized message in the conversation thread even if a thousand group members reply.

Smart-messages have different templates: for example, sales tracker (which total up the sales numbers), poll / survey (which count the votes), multi-field forms (which tabulate the responses), location (which captures the location and time), checklist (which captures task and time) and many more.
Here is an infographic to illustrate the point.

With Teamchat, large teams can communicate easily without getting overwhelmed by the clutter. Teams can instantly get the collective opinion as well as track key metrics. Managers can get real-time visibility across the entire org. Field employees can feel plugged into the office communications even when remote. Leaders can instantly communicate with the whole org and hear back from them in a manageable way.
Teamchat is available in app stores. It works on all mobile and web devices. Please try it out and let us know what you think.

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