Employee Engagement- Every HR’s Biggest Challenge Solved with Teamchat!

Any HR department’s biggest goal is to have a happy productive workforce. To achieve this goal, they have to regularly assess organizational factors like fairness and growth, job factors like task variety and autonomy and relationship factors such as connectedness with leaders and feedback. And to assess all this they need to first gather this information straight from employees. That is where employee engagement comes in to picture. For any HR department worldwide, engaging with the employees with regular surveys, feedback forms, polls, etc is always a very challenging task.


Email? Using email for employee surveys tends to overload both HR and employees’ inboxes. Making of such forms, distributing them, receiving hundreds of replies and skimming through each is a task, especially because HR holds way more responsibilities than just these.

Messaging Apps? Consumer as well as any business chat app has its own limitations, starting with the group size. In addition, there is no way to conduct surveys, polls and any such forms in a chat without having a lot of messages in the stream. You have to scroll through the clutter and manually input the data to infer the results. Not only will this waste your time, but you might also miss multiple responses because all the messages look the same.


Teamchat – because it provides all the benefits of other enterprise chat apps, but without the traditional limitations. With Teamchat, your company’s HR professionals can:

  • Initiate unlimited chats with unlimited members
  • Connect with all employees regardless of their geographical locale
  • Track employees using the app’s location tracking feature
  • Circulate announcements and share updates
  • Motivate employees with pre-scheduled inspirational quotes, thought of the day, etc.
  • Conduct quick surveys and polls on organizational factors, job factors and relationship factors
  • Have private conversations with employees on chat and avoid face-to-face interaction for discussing personal issues
  • Download data and records for future reference or audit/compliance purposes

One of the biggest advantages of these features is bridging the gap between employees and management. A transparent culture and two-way communication will guarantee high employee retention rates as well as a happier, more productive work force. What more does a company need!

BPOs usually tend to face high attrition rates. Check out how a BPO benefitted by making Teamchat their official communication channel for employee engagement.

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