What is Teamchat?

Teamchat is an innovative chat app for enterprises.

Why do I need Teamchat?

Teamchat enables you to hold unlimited business conversations in a structured manner. It is a powerful communication tool for large teams. It communicates aggregates and gives analytics vital for any enterprise. Its remarkably simple interface makes it a favorite amongst firms, globally.

Why do you need my email id?

You need an e-mail id to register with Teamchat and start using the product. Teamchat identifies your business organization basis your email domain and lets you interact with your colleagues.

If I don’t have a work email ID, can I register with Gmail, Yahoo & such other Email Service Providers and create an organization?

You can  register using your personal email id and add participants in a group via your contact list. To create an organization, kindly get in touch with us at support@teamchat.com.

Can I use multiple email ids?

For a single login session, you can use only one email id.

What is an Organization?

Organization is a set of people defined by your domain and/or added by your administrator. You can create multiple groups for multiple chats within your organization.

What is a Group?

Groups are chat rooms created by various people in your organization with a minimum of three or more people. You can add people, leave, delete at any point of time.

Can I add people who are not in my organization or domain?

Yes. The administrator of your organization can upload a customized list of e-mail ids that need to be included in your organization, apart from your domain. To view the admin panel, click here

How can I become an organization’s administrator?

To become the administrator of your organization, mail us at support@teamchat.com.

Can I start chat with email id’s from my Phonebook?

Yes. You can create groups with your phonebook contacts and chat with them.

What is ‘Join Groups’ ?

The ‘Join Groups’ option in left menu enables you to select and join groups that have been marked ‘public’ by their respective owners. You can join and get updates from these groups like any other group on Teamchat.

What is the subscription fee?

Teamchat is a free service, provided you have an adequate internet data plan for your smartphone or any other device. As long as your phone is not roaming and you have not exceeded your data limit, messaging over Teamchat is absolutely free.

However, premium features of Teamchat are paid. To know more, mail support@teamchat.com

Can I share photos, videos and other rich data?

Yes you can share files, photos and videos on Teamchat.

I need to change my email id, what should I do?

If there is a change in the email ID, then you must do a new registration. However, if you wish to change your profile name, you can change it by logging in from www.teamchat.com

What devices does Teamchat support?

Teamchat app is supported on all phones with Android 4.0, iOS 6.0 & above. Teamchat is also available on the web- www.teamchat.com which can be accessed from any device. It also has an HTML 5 version for Blackberry and Windows mobile. For more information mail to support@teamchat.com

What are Chatlets.

Chatlets are specialized messages that can capture any data in structured, organized manner and record it. You can make faster decisions by using chatlets.

Who can use Chatlets?

Anyone who is a member/ creator of a group on Teamchat can use chatlets in the same group.

How can I see data recieved in my chatlets?

Data of chatlets is viewable on clicking ‘replies’ in the chatlet.

How can I take backup or export my messages?

If you are your org administrator, you can download all chatlets made in your org via the admin panel.

Can others view and download the data collected in my chatlet?

The other group members can view the data collected in your chatlet. However only the organization administrator can download the data from the admin panel

What do I do if my phone gets stolen?

Your application remains unaffected. You can login from another phone anytime

Can I block other members?

No you cannot block members. However, you can always delete a member from groups created by you.

What happens if I forget my password?

You can click on the ‘Forgot password’ button and a reset option will be sent to you on your registered e-mail id.